High speed UV Flood Coater using conventional lamp system. UV coating provides a protective layer which adds value to any printed document protecting it from scratching and fingerprints. UV Coating increases the vibrancy and richness of colour of the printed document.


  • Unique “cold curing” technology – Only 25°C on substrate which allows to post-process directly or run in duplex mode
  • 99% of components are made in Europe
  • Zero ozone emissions due to floating decroic reflector technology which makes the smell of the UV lamp odourless
  • 75% power safe mode between sheets and after 30 seconds thanks to new digital power supply
  • 80% less coating usage compared to other systems thanks to new roller system in combination with cold UV technology
  • New high performance IR Quartz protection glass to avoid media burns
  • Roller position visualization
  • New full digital power supply – no mechanical transformers any longer
  • Sheet positioning system on infeed plate
  • Air knife to handle difficult and lighter weight paper
  • Adjustable lamp power over the touchscreen
  • Large diameter rollers and fluid pre-heating for superior finish
  • Standard 2 box container
  • New full digital power supply allows to give online information, such as:
  • Air volume for lamp cooling
  • Exact power consumption
  • Exact lamp information – if lamp stop, the rollers and pump will stop
  • Remote Support technology
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Full feedback from the whole system due to CAN open communication
  • HP ILF ready and tested at key customer from HP


  • Lowest cost per page available in the market (only 2-3 gr/m2)
  • Compatible with all types of prints
  • Quick release rollers
  • High Quality scraper
  • Infeed paper guides
  • Low running temperature
  • Easy set up & maintenance
  • Minimal service intervention
  • Duplex available (option)
  • Remote support technology over internet, smartphones and tablets
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14000 regulations
  • All machines are CE, UL, CSA certified and RoHs compliant

Technical details

  • Speed from 20 to 45 meters per minute
  • Maximum Paper width of 400 mm
  • Maximum Paper length of 740 mm
  • Min paper weight 150gsm
  • Max paper weight 400gsm
  • Heat Extraction needed
  • Power of 3 x 380V + N + G @ 16 amps
  • Lamp life time of 1.500 hours

Arbeitsbreite Maximum paper width of 400 mm
Maximum paper length of 740 mm
Variable Geschwindigkeit 20 to 45 meters per minute
Stromanschluss Heat Extraction needed
Power of 3 x 380V + N + G @ 16 amps
Lamp life time of 1.500 hours
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